If you're studying A-Level Chemistry or Biology, does any of this sound familiar?



  • You understand most of the content but you just can’t answer the questions
  • You did really well at GCSE but your marks at A-level are really disappointing and you just don’t know where you’re going wrong
  • You know you’re supposed to work on your exam technique but you don’t know what good exam technique actually is
  • You sit down to study but you don’t really know what you should be doing so you just end up on instagram wasting time
  • You dread doing the calculation questions and you’re worried that not doing A-level maths means you’ll struggle
  • Your teachers aren’t really doing anything to help you improve and they’re not supportive


Online tutor for A-level Chemistry and Biology


If so, you’re in the right place. My name’s Gemma and I’m an online A-Level Chemistry and Biology tutor. I’ve been a full-time tutor for nearly 10 years and I’m also an Associate Lecturer for The Open University where I tutor health sciences and investigation skills.


During my time as a tutor, I’ve worked with well over a hundred students and built up thousands of hours of experience. I’ve seen the mistakes they’re making that cost them the grades, and I know the changes they’ve made and the skills they’ve developed to allow them to overcome their struggles.


Plus, I’ve been there myself. I went from getting CC in double science at GCSE to straight As at A-Level, then a first class honours degree and a Masters degree. I didn’t become any smarter or any more naturally gifted at science. What I did do is work very hard at figuring out how to study and how to think like a scientist so that I could make sense of even the most difficult exam question and answer it in a way that would get me the marks.


These skills are what I now teach my students and what allows them big improvements to their grades and aim for the career they want.

What my previous students have said

  My daughter was predicted a C in Chemistry and Biology. She got her A-level results and we are so pleased to say that she got an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. Thank you Gemma!!  


Gemma is a reliable and enthusiastic tutor and manages to tailor the lessons to individual students’ needs. She gives clear and concise feedback in lessons and on homework tasks which aids progress. Also, her in-depth knowledge of the sciences improved my understanding of the subject which gave me lots of confidence and helped me achieve my desired grades. Overall, Gemma is a brilliant tutor and I would definitely recommend her.


Gemma helped me massively in my understanding of both Biology and Chemistry and went over the details that the school did not teach me. She managed to explain many difficult concepts in a short period of time and provided useful tips for the exams. She was also extremely thoughtful and very kind and provided many different resources herself. Gemma played a significant part in me managing to get the grades for University and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.