A-level Chemistry and biology tutoring

My Approach to Tuition

I’ve been a specialist A-level Chemistry and Biology tutor for 10 years. You can read about my approach to tuition and my methods here

A-level chemistry and biology tutoring

The basics

Lessons take place in my virtual classroom, which you can find out more about here.

Exactly what we’ll do in our lessons depends on what you need help with. If you’re really struggling with calculations, we’ll spend a lot of our time on that. If you have no idea how to study we’ll make sure that you work out a study strategy that works for you.

For all students though, my approach is based on doing whatever we need to do to get you exam ready. This always involves working on exam technique.

I meet a crazy amount of students who think (or even worse, have been told by their teachers) that all they have to do at A-Level is work through the CGP books, learn the keywords and do a few past papers.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that this will get you a half decent grade. In reality, this is barely enough to even pass.

online tutoring for A-level chemistry and biology (5)
Online tutoring for A-level Chemistry and Biology

exam technique

Exam-focused tuition

If you’ve looked at the A-Level exam papers you’ll know that half the questions look nothing like what you’ve learned. The focus of the exams is the application of your knowledge to new contexts, not just a regurgitation of model answers you’ve learned from mark schemes that are older than you.

This means that to be able to cope with the exams, you’re going to have to learn the skills that allow you to make sense of what you’re being asked to do and figure out how it relates to what you’ve learned so that you can construct answers that actually address the question and are specific enough to be worth the marks.

This is what we actually mean by ‘exam technique’ and teaching these skills is the basis of my approach as an online A-level Biology and Chemistry tutor. Overall, I’ll teach you to stop thinking like a student and start thinking like a scientist.

Content and skills

Subject-specific skills and content

A* exam technique requires a solid foundation in the subject specific skills, such as breaking down scary calculation questions in Chemistry, and analysing and interpreting graphs in Biology. We’ll also cover the basics, including the correct format for the answer to an ‘explain’ question, and how to avoid rounding errors in calculation questions.

As well as working on exam technique, I’ll teach you any content that you’ve struggled to get your head around and I’ll help you develop the study skills that you’ll need to cover everything in an efficient and effective way. Speaking of which, here’s a guide to how to study for A-Level Chemistry and Biology so you can start working on your study skills right now.

I’ll also provide you with more exam questions that you can ever do so that you have plenty of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned and develop your understanding further.

online tutoring for A-level chemistry and biology (5)

online tuition for A-level Chemistry & Biology

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