A-Level Chemistry multiple choice questions.

In 2015, A-level Chemistry changed to a linear specification. This meant lots of changes to the format of the exams. One of the major changes was the introduction of multiple choice questions. This sounds like a good thing – multiple choice questions are a lot easier, right?

Unfortunately, the multiple choice questions aren’t an easy option. They’re actually pretty challenging. AQA seem to use them as an opportunity to test your knowledge of random awkward things, such as calculating the concentration ions and dilution calculations.

This means that the multiple choice questions can cause a lot of problems. Just like any type of question, you have to practice them so that you can learn the technique you need to do them confidently (and quickly) in the exam.

The trouble is, as the multiple choice questions are new to the AQA A-Level Chemistry exams. This means that there aren’t many to practice with.

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Free AQA A-Level Chemistry multiple choice questions quizzes

So that my students had plenty of questions to practice with, I made them some AQA A-Level Chemistry multiple choice question quizzes.

They’re in the same style as the questions you’ll be faced with in the exams and they’re of a similar level of difficulty. Following AQA’s lead, I’ve made sure the questions cover the more weird bits of the specification so as well as giving you chance to practice your technique you’ll have the opportunity to learn the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Some of the questions are pretty horrible, but it’s better to learn this stuff now than see it for the first time in the exam, right?

The quizzes can be attempted online and they work on any device. I’ll adding quizzes for each section of the specification separately over the next few weeks.

How the quizzes work

There’s a quiz for each topic (ok, they’re not all online yet but they will be shortly). Each quiz has 10 not very nice (but good to learn from) questions.

As in the exam, you’ll be given a choice of 4 answers. You need to pick the one that you think is correct.

Unlike the exam these quizzes are interactive, so once you’ve clicked your answer you’ll either get a green which indicates that your answer is correct, or if you’re wrong the correct answer will be highlighted in red.

The graphic below shows you what you can expect:

AQA A-Level Chemistry multiple choice questions available now

Physical Chemistry 1: Atomic structure (try the quiz)

Physical Chemistry 1: Amount of substance (try the quiz)

Physical Chemistry 1: Bonding (try the quiz)

Physical Chemistry 1: Energetics (try the quiz)

Physical Chemistry 1: Redox (try the quiz)

Physical Chemistry 2: Acids, bases and buffers (try the quiz)

Inorganic Chemistry 2: Transition Metals (try the quiz)

AQA A-Level Chemistry multiple choice questions coming soon

Physical Chemistry Multiple choice questions





Equilibrium constant Kp

Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells

Inorganic Chemistry multiple choice questions

Periodicity – trends in period 3

Periodicity – reactions of period 3 elements

Group 2, the Alkaline Earth Metals

Group 7, the Halogens

Reactions of organic compounds in aqueous solutions

Organic Chemistry multiple choice questions

Introduction to Organic Chemistry





Organic analysis

Nomenclature and Isomerism (Year 2)

Compounds containing the carbonyl group

Aromatic Chemistry



Amino acids, proteins and DNA

Organic synthesis and analysis (year 2)