Basic skills for chemistry

If you’re starting A-level Chemistry in the autumn (or maybe even earlier since the GCSEs have been cancelled) now is the time to work on your basic Chemistry skills and step them up to A-level standard.

To succeed with A-level chemistry, you need a really solid understanding of basics like formulae of compounds, ion charges, rounding and balancing equations etc. Without these you’ll really struggle, and each new topic will be much harder than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, many A-level Chemistry students don’t have these skills and often they don’t realise that it’s causing them problems.

To help you avoid being in this position, I’ll be posting a series of basics skills for chemistry quizzes here. Given them a try, and if you get any of them wrong you know you have a gap in your skills that you need to fill in.

Basic skills for Chemistry quizzes

Chemistry basics multiple choice questions

Ion formulae and charges multiple choice questions

Significant figures multiple choice questions

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