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A-level Biology resources. Includes tutorials to help you with difficult topics, worksheets, exam technique and study tips.

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  • Hardy-weinberg-calculations-a-level-biology

    Hardy-Weinberg calculations for A-level Biology

    When you’re doing Hardy-Weinberg calculations for A-level Biology you need to make sure you fully understand what the two equations mean and can match up the information you’ve given to the equations. This is what we’ll cover in this tutorial. The two equations of the Hardy-Weinberg principle You have two equations to work with. Equation […]


  • A-level Biology exam technique

    A-level Biology exam technique
    tips 1-5

    When it comes to A-level Biology exam technique, most students don’t really know where they’re going wrong, or what to do about it. This post follows on from the introductory post, which describes a major mistake that many students make with exam technique. Here, I’ll give you 5 A-level Biology exam technique tips that will […]


  • A-level biology exam technique

    A-Level Biology Exam technique

    To succeed with A-level Biology, exam technique is crucial. But when you start studying A-level Biology, the first thing you realise is that there is A LOT of content to learn. So, you focus on learning the content. Then, you do your topic tests and you do your mocks, and you start to notice that the […]


  • percentage change calculations A-level biology

    How to do percentage change calculations

    Percentage change calculations appear in the AS or A-Level Biology exams pretty much every year and a lot of students struggle with them. For most of the Biology calculations, there isn’t really a formula or a method you can learn, you just have to rely on your problem-solving skills on the day. Fortunately, percentage change […]