Online tuition for A-Level Chemistry and Biology

Online tuition for A-level chemistry and biology


Online tuition for A-level Chemistry and Biology


I offer online tuition for A-Level Chemistry and Biology in my virtual classroom. Lessons are £30 per hour and your first lesson is a free introductory session.

I’ve been a specialist A-level tutor for nearly 10 years and tutored online for the last 5 years, so I’ve built up thousands of hours of experience. I also tutor online for the Open University, so I’ve been trained by them and I get regular feedback on my teaching. All in all, you can be confident that I know how to deliver effective online lessons. You can read more about my approach to tuition here and more about me here.


How online tuition works


For online tuition, we use three tools:

  1. Skype for audio and sharing documents and links to resources
  2. An online classroom tool called Scribblar (free to use)
  3. A smartphone or tablet computer so that you can easily send me pictures of the work you’ve done in our lessons and anything you’ve done at school that you want to look at with me.

With these tools, we can do anything in an online lesson that we could do in an ‘in-person’ lesson. Plus, since we’re already on the internet, we can quickly grab extra images, worksheets and past paper questions to make your lessons as interesting and engaging as possible. At the end of the session you can download all the slides and notes we’ve made, so you’ll have a record of everything you’ve done.


What to expect in your free introductory session


The trial lesson is all about getting set up, making sure you’re comfortable with online tuition and making a plan of action for future lessons.

The first thing we’ll do is check that all of the tech is set up correctly and fix any issues with that. Once we’re sorted I’ll show you around the online classroom and make sure you know how to get the most out of your lessons.

Then we’ll talk about your studies and work out what I need to do to help you get your grades. This will include agreeing on what we need to do together as well as what you need to do in your own time so that whenever you sit down to study you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. We’ll also make sure you’re working with the resources that will give you the best possible chance of getting your grades up.


Why online tuition might be the best option for you


When you’re choosing a tutor, it’s important you find someone who has excellent subject knowledge, knows what you need to do get the marks in the exam and has the skills to teach you all of this.

What’s equally important is that you find a tutor who ‘gets’ you, can teach you everything in a way that makes sense to you, and that you feel comfortable talking through your struggles with.

So it’s not enough to just find a good tutor, you need to find the tutor who is right for you. And unless you’re very lucky, that tutor probably doesn’t live down the road from you.

Before they come to me, many of the students I work with have wasted time (and money) on local tutors that they didn’t get on with, didn’t know their stuff and in more than one case regularly had them in tears in the lessons.

If you go for online tuition, you won’t be in this position. You’ll have access to tutors all over the country, so you work with the tutor that will suit you best, rather than being restricted to one who’s available in your local area.


Ready to book your introductory session?


If you’ve read a bit more about me, looked at some of the resources I offer, read what my previous students have had to say and would like to give online tuition a go, it’s time to arrange your introductory session. The button below will take you to the contact page which you can use to get in touch with me.