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Organic nomenclature is an important part of A-level Chemistry but something that a lot of students are unsure of. Learning the rules is one thing, but dealing with the variety of compounds you might come across is another thing entirely.

This video library is here to help you with the latter. Each short video will show you how to name a different organic compound, step by step. I’ll keep adding to this throughout the year, so that by exam time you will have seen enough examples to feel confident to deal with anything.

As you watch each video, take note of the order in which I name the components: you’ll notice I always start by counting the carbons and naming the longest chain. Then add the name of any functional groups, branches etc. from there. I recommend that you do it this way too, as trying to start from the beginning of the name (i.e. prefixes first) is one reason why students get confused with this.

Organic nomenclature for A-level Chemistry video library

Video 1: Naming a nitrile

Video 2: Naming a molecule with both an alcohol and an aldehyde functional group

Video 3: Naming a cyclic alcohol

Video 4: Naming a branched halogenoalkane

Need help with learning the rules?

If you’re really not confident with the rules for naming organic compounds, it’s time to get some help. You can book an online tutoring session with me (go here for more information) or download my free Introduction to Organic Chemistry study guide workbook (available here).