This quiz consists of 10 Redox multiple choice questions for the AQA AS and A-Level Chemistry specification.

The questions are a similar style and level of difficulty to the multiple-choice questions you’ll be given in the AQA Chemistry exams.

Though they’re based on the AQA specification, they’re also appropriate for students studying other exam boards.

Some of these questions are straightforward, some of them are horrible. You need to know how to do all of them by the time the exams come around though, so if there’s anything you can’t do (even if it seems a bit weird) make sure you work backward from the answer and figure out why the answer is what it is.

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Redox multiple choice questions

If you’re using this as a test, allow yourself around 11-12 minutes to answer these questions. If you’re using them to learn from, feel free to use your textbook to help you.

As always with Chemistry, make sure you have your periodic table and your calculator handy.

1. Which of the following equations show H2O2 acting as a reducing agent?

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2. What is the simplest ionic equation for the reaction of Na2CO3 with HNO3?

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3. What is the oxidation number of Chromium in Cr2O72-?

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4. Which of the following statements is correct?

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5. Which oxide of nitrogen has the highest oxidation number?

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6. The equations below show redox reactions of Vanadium species.

Which of the equations is NOT a correctly balanced redox equation?

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7. Which of the following rules for finding the oxidation state of an element is correct?

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8. Which of the following reactions is NOT a disproportionation reaction?

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9. When Chloride reacts as a reducing agent it is oxidised to Chlorine:

2Cl- → Cl2 + 2e-

0.362 moles of Chloride were required to completely reduce 0.181 moles of Lead Oxide (PbO2).

What is the oxidation number of Lead at the end of this reaction?

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10. In which of the following ions is Iodine present in the +5 oxidation state?

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Physical Chemistry 1: Redox Multiple Choice Questions
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