In my 9 years as a tutor for A-Level Chemistry and Biology, I’ve worked with more than a hundred students.

Here’s what a handful of them have had to say.


Nice things my previous students have said


Gemma has been an absolute godsend for me during my grueling A-level journey. She has helped me massively with getting to grips with content, exam technique & providing me with great resources. Gemma always made sure that I finished a lesson having gained a better understanding. Her lessons are really well structured & she ensured exam questions were answered every lesson- which helped me massively! As A-levels can be very mentally draining, I really appreciated Gemma checking in on me & empathising with me during the stressful times. She truly is a gem & I would recommend to her to anyone doing Chemistry and Biology A- levels. I can’t thank her enough!


As a parent I cannot rate Gemma highly enough. She is brilliant with my daughter and really making a significant difference to her learning.


Gemma is a reliable and enthusiastic tutor and manages to tailor the lessons to individual students’ needs. She gives clear and concise feedback in lessons and on homework tasks which aids progress. Also, her in-depth knowledge of the sciences improved my understanding of the subject which gave me lots of confidence and helped me achieve my desired grades. Overall, Gemma is a brilliant tutor and I would definitely recommend her.


Gemma helped me massively in my understanding of both Biology and Chemistry and went over the details that the school did not teach me. She managed to explain many difficult concepts in a short period of time and provided useful tips for the exams. She was also extremely thoughtful and very kind and provided many different resources herself. Gemma played a significant part in me managing to get the grades for University and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.


My daughter was predicted a C in Chemistry and Biology. She got her A-level results and we are so pleased to say that she got an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. Thank you Gemma!!


Gemma is very easy to get along with and lacks the traditional terribly-boring-private tutor attitude I have experienced with other tutors. She has been really helpful with exam preparation. I hated Chemistry at GCSE but Gemma helped me figure out what was going on and I really enjoy it now. She works at your own pace and breaks all the difficult parts down. All in all, the lessons are very enjoyable so I strongly recommend her for tuition.


After failing my biology AS, I contacted Gemma. She worked with me one to one on a regular basis, taught key concepts and introduced university style study skills which helped me exam practice. I went from having an E grade at AS biology to an astonishing A grade in one semester! Gemma is sincere, friendly and highly knowledgeable. She’s also relaxed, outgoing and completely understanding of the exam pressures. I would recommend her to everyone out there who needs the extra help.


Gemma is a fantastic tutor who has helped me go from grade Ds to grade As and Bs. She has great methods to help me understand all the aspects of Chemistry and Biology at GCSE and at A Level. I genuinely do not know how I’d have passed either of these two subjects without her and even with online tuition she displays the best of methods to help me understand. I have been taught by many and even had another tutor but none of them have helped and encouraged me the way Gemma has.


My daughter did unexpectedly badly in her AS exams. Her confidence took a real hit and she needed extra support. Gemma was a lifesaver. She took time to talk to her about the aspects that were causing difficulties and developed a revision plan that was different from but complemented, her school work. The exam tips and revision techniques have given my daughter the boost she needed – she has consistently come out of the sessions enthusiastic and looking for more. I would recommend Gemma unreservedly.


Gemma helped me overcome my insecurities with Chemistry. She pushed me to leave my comfort zone and helped me to trust my knowledge. She also taught me revision techniques and was always available for support. She made sure I received information specific to my course and supplied me with useful resources. Gemma is different to other tutors I have had – she made the lessons exciting and tailored them to how I work best. She has made me enjoy a subject I loathed and I strongly recommend her.


Gemma always worked around what I needed and made sure she didn’t leave until I understood everything. She went above and beyond her duty and really was interested in my academic wellbeing. She helped me to overcome things I thought I’d never understand by helping me to think logically, and was a really useful guide throughout A-levels.


I have found Gemma to be very approachable and understanding, especially compared to other tutors that I have had. She makes me feel relaxed in lessons and comfortable to say if I don’t understand something. If I don’t understand something the first time she explains it she will go over it again with a different, more simplified method and she never makes me feel stupid for not understanding. Gemma has made me realise that chemistry is much easier than I had thought!


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